Incident Response

If your company is faced with a computer security incident, Ark Data Security can provide the personnel, hardware, and software to mitigate the current situation and prevent future issues. Leveraging response plans built upon decades of hard-earned experience, our experts assess your technical infrastructure to assess and mitigate the incident – be it ransomware, a phishing attack, or some other kind of attack.

Cyber Security Assessments

Most of our clients are shocked when we reveal the number and variety of vulnerabilities in their system and networks, but we don’t just deliver a report and walk away. Ark Data Security is committed to helping you eliminate risks, address current problems, and adopt the policies and procedures you need to maintain appropriate security in the long term.

Data Recovery

Even in the most carefully-maintained environments, hardware sometimes fails – often with serious consequences. Data loss can bring normal operations to a halt and result in missed deadlines, lost revenue, and more.

The data recovery experts at Ark Data Security follow defensible, court-tested methodologies to preserve and recover data from damaged hardware.